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                                        Cabarrus Flyers is a local AMA Chartered RC Flying Club located in Cabarrus County NC . The
                           Flying Field is located at 1200 Dutch Road just outside of Mount Pleasant NC. Our Club was
                           chartered with the AMA on August 1st, 1973 and we have been flying ever since. We welcome
                           new members whether you are an experienced pilot, a novice pilot, or totally inexperienced
                           and just getting into the hobby. We have several experienced pilots that offer free training to
                           anyone wishing to learn to fly. We also have a Club Trainer Plane so you can learn to fly even
                           before buying your first plane or any equipment. Anyone wishing to join our Club can contact
                           any of the Club Officers or Club Trainers with any questions or can just simply fill out the New
                           Membership Application Form and send it in. Membership Applications Forms can either be
                           downloaded here from our website or picked up at the flying field. Dues are very reasonable
                           at $50 per year with a one time $10 Initiation Fee. Family Memberships are also available as
                           well. New to flying and not sure you want to join a club now? Then take advantage of our
                           AMA Introductory Pilot Program and learn to fly free without joining Cabarrus Flyers or the AMA.
                           More Details on the AMA Introductory Pilot Program HERE.
                           Spectators and Visitors are always welcome and encouraged.